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SLICEplus Software Downloads

Crystal Reports Fonts Update

A Recent Windows update has caused an issue in SLICE when exporting reports to PDF. The update included popular fonts used in report writing.

If you are experiencing problems in SLICE, download the fonts file then select "Run." Next unzip the file. Open the folder, select all fonts then right click and hit install. You will need to do this on each machine with the problem.

Crystal Fonts Zip File
4.5.5 OCXs

All SLICEs running Version 4.5.5 need to load this file on each workstation. Click here for instructions.

4.5.5 OCXs
Crystal Report Updates

All SLICEs running versions 4.1.1 through 4.4.4 need to download and install updated Crystal Reports on the server. The server section needs to be loaded to the drive where your database is located (ie:S) S:\SLICE\SLICEn\DB. You will need to load the server section for every SLICE account that you have.  For example, if you have SLICE1 (Landscape Contracting) and SLICE3 (Landscape Maintenance) you must load both versions. 

Crystal Reports for Landscape Contracting

Crystal Reports for Wholesale Nursery

Crystal Reports for Landscape Maintenance
Crystal Reports for Retail Garden Center
4.3.3 OCXs

All SLICEs running Version 4.3.3 need to load this file on each workstation. Click here for instructions.
4.3.3 OCXs
SLICEplus Interface

Load this interface on each workstation only if you're on version 4.1.1 or later.

4.1.1 or later Interface
Abra Database TPRPOST.DBF

Download, unzip and copy this TPRPOST.DBF file to your Abra Data folder.

Abra Changes

The Abra/SLICE interface now uses additional files that need to be loaded on your server. In addition, SLICE Version 4.2.2 is compatible with Abra Version 9. Prior versions of SLICE are not compatible.

Abra Instructions

Abra 9 Instructions
Crystal Report for 1099s

This report now looks at the Payment Type on the Vendor (Ap01) and on the 1099 (AP1099) to determine what box to go in on the 1099 report.

Report R07-5209
4.2.2 OCXs

All SLICEs running version 4.2.2 need to load this file on each workstation. Click here for instructions.

4.2.2 OCXs
Pre-4.2.2 OCXs

All Retail Garden Centers (SLICE5)  and Wholesale Nurseries (SLICE2) need to load this file on each workstation. Click here for instructions.

Bar Code Fonts

Load these fonts on every workstation that you either want to create the tags (with barcodes) or read the barcode (scan gun).

Bar Code Fonts

Install this on every workstation to set the correct parameters for the Borland Database Engine (BDE).


Load this on every workstation and the server to disable the opportunistic locking that come enabled on all PCs.

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