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SLICEplus 4.8.8 Final Release Checklist

  • I have made a backup of my SLICEplus database
  • I have made a temporary copy of my SLICE/SLICEn/DB database on the server (when space is available)
  • I have read the information on the previous page and understand the CRYSTAL issues!
  • I have made sure that my custom crystal reports have a unique name and have an assigned report number in the range of 0001-1999.
  • I have created a unique logon ID and password for every SLICEplus user.
  • I have instructed every SLICEplus user to use their unique logon ID.
  • I am prepared to make modifications on crystal reports after completing the update process.
  • All users are out of the SLICEplus applications completely.
  • All users are out of Paradox & Crystal applications completely.
  • I know what my path drive to the Server is.  Path Drive = ________
  • My current SLICEplus version is _______________ (located on main SLICEplus screen top line)
If you are on Version 4.7.7, you need to load this final release, 4.8.8.
  • I am currently not on Version 4.7.7 and should follow the loading instructions that came with those versions and update to version 4.7.7 prior to proceeding with the instructions below.  When loading more than one update at a time, be sure to logon to the SLICEplus application before loading the next update and run the Table Update process.  If you do not get a Table Update process, you have not loaded the update correctly.
  • I am currently on Version 4.7.7 and have access to the web.
If currently on Version 4.7.7, follow the instructions on the next page.

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