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SLICEplus 4.0.0 Final Release

January 2008

SUBJECT: Product Update and Helpful Hints

FROM: SLICE Technologies - Development and Support Team

Slice Technologies has announced the 31st release of its popular SLICEplus business management software. 4.0.0. is the largest release since the 1997 introduction of SLICEplus software. It consists of 785 software changes, including over 200 enhancements.
Prior to loading the 4.0.0 SLICEplus update, you need to perform the following tasks:

  1. Make a backup of your data before you do the update
  2. Read the 4.0.0 ReadMe document and InstallUpdate.pdf documents
  3. Have everyone off the system while you are updating the server
As each of the other workstations log on initially after the update, that workstation will automatically upload the new programs to the workstation.

To be sure that you are taking full advantage of the capabilities of SLICEplus and the newest enhancements, we want to remind you of several key attributes:
  1. Read and Review the list of enhancements and modifications in the Release Notes. Since most of these new features come from customer suggestions, you are likely to find several new things you can use immediately.
  2. Review the Optimized Settings document's Network and BDE Setting menu if you are experiencing any difficulties running SLICEplus on your Windows system. Though technical in nature, it will clearly delineate a solution to any of the problems or issues we have experienced with Windows.
  3. Review and study the Manuals and Help Text about almost every aspect of the SLICEplus software and how to set-up and use it with your business. All SLICEplus manuals are now available from the main screen Help tab under "View/Print Manuals," and Help text (F1) exactly reflects what's contained in the manuals.
There are also new and refined reports that you might explore to see how they might help your business. 

We hope that SLICEplus continues to be the Foundation for Building Business Success for our partners in the Nursery, Landscape, Maintenance and Garden Center industries.

4.0.0 Continue to Continued


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