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SLICEplus for Retail Garden Centers

SLICEplus for Retail Garden Centers gives your business fast and accurate information that allows you to make informed management decisions.  The POS system speeds customers through the checkout capturing vital information for purchasing, inventory control and customer loyalty programs — all the while updating inventory and producing sales and accounting information.  Automatically read barcode labels you produce or those supplies by your vendors.

Key Features

  • Improved speed and accuracy with hand held and wireless sales
  • Identify and track your most profitable items, promotions and customers
  • Increased revenues through cross-selling and up-selling your active customers
  • Bar code label and tag printing
  • Kitting and mix & match
  • Increased customer base through loyalty programs and target marketing
  • Customer and item sales histories
  • Increased profit margins with accurate reporting
  • Reduced annual accounting and operating costs
  • Increased inventory turns with multi-level pricing and discounting

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  • Point-of-Sale
  • Sales Analysis
  • Purchasing and Inventory Control
  • Customer Sales and Service
  • Wireless Order Processing
  • Wireless Inventory
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