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SLICEplus for Wholesale Nursery

Order Entry and Processing

With SLICEplus, you can generate a quotation, book the order, reserve the inventory, produce dig lists, load lists, acknowledgements, and  confirmations and more!

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Order Management

SLICEplus allows you to effectively produce and ship your orders.

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Sales Analysis

SLICEplus helps you determine what items are selling and which items are profitable.

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Nursery Production

With SLICEplus, you can control and schedule your crop production.

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Wireless Order Processing

Now you can speed up your check-out process by scanning a customer's order in the field or sales lot then wirelessly transmitting it to the office or cashier for processing. SLICEplus offers Wireless Handheld Order Scanning for Wholesale and Retail users.

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Wireless Inventory

Using a Smartphone or PDA to perform the physical inventory count out in the field or warehouse can be very useful. SLICEplus enables performing the physical inventory count using a Smartphone or PDA and then importing the counted items back into the SLICEplus physical inventory function.

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Quick Facts

  • Sales Processing
    • Quotes
    • Order entry
    • Acknowledgements
    • Multiple price points
  • Order Management
    • Dig lists
    • Order assembly
    • Load lists
    • Back-order processing
  • Sales Analysis
    • Order inquiry
    • Customer purchase history
    • Item sales history
    • Profit analysis
  • Nursery Production
    • Production planning
    • Weekly work orders
    • Materials and labor requirements
    • Crop costing
  • Other Functions
    • Fully integrated accounting
    • Fully integrated payroll
    • Purchasing
    • Inventory control
    • Custom reports