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SLICEplus for Wholesale Nursery

SLICEplus for wholesale nurseries gives your business fast and accurate information that allows you to make informed management decisions.  Know what stock is sold and what is available for sale.  See what customers bought and how profitable a customer or crop was for your business.  With SLICEplus you can spot sales trends and improve your inventory management resulting in a more productive operation.  Everyone in the company operates with up-to-date information and is more effective.

Key Features

  • Accurate inventory with hand-held devices
  • Inventory control
  • Generate quotes and track orders
  • Complete shipping and invoicing
  • Detailed sales and profit analysis
  • Crop requirements and expectations
  • Complete production planning and scheduling
  • Increased inventory turns with multiple pricing and discounting
  • Bar code tag printing

Learn More

 Learn More

  • Order Entry and Processing
  • Order Management
  • Sales Analysis
  • Nursery Production
  • Wireless Order Processing
  • Wireless Inventory
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